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Gamma Breath Training

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  • Febraury 18
  • 6pm PST
Join us for the Gamma Breath Trainings!

Our theme for this coming Tuesday is:

Are you taking full responsibility for your life?
Your independence is your strength and freedom to be your own person, and to not have to depend on anyone or anything else.
It is the foundation of being solid within yourself to make your own decisions and not give your power away under the control or influence of others.
The more independent you are, the easier it is to connect with your own intuition. Your intuition flows better.
In the next Gamma Breath Training, our focus will be on extracting positives from our memories that exemplify this quality of being independent.
Your conscious awareness is required to master your life. It is important that you understand how your experience is being generated so you can have the power to change it.
The Gamma Breath is an incredible breathing technique that generates Gamma, an adaptable brain wave state that is responsible for activating and increasing consciousness
Gamma is intelligence: the ability to relax, open up to new options, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each option, and then make an intelligent decision customized for that specific situation.
Gamma Breath Trainings will teach you the power of optimizing a single memory layer by layer using the Gamma Breath. You will discover the power that is within you that can be harnessed by optimizing the information inside of your memories.
Gamma Breath Trainings are very powerful breath training sessions for you to redefine your reality.
To ‘optimize’ a memory means to neutralize the charges inside the memory to gain a better connection to the experience. This gives us the power to make better choices and refine our actions.
Extracting positives heals the body and mind and generates the energy to take actions and build momentum in your life. Using the Gamma Breath, we can extract any specific type of positive from our past memories that we want to have more of to support our goals. The list of positives that we can go into is endless.
Join us every Tuesday at 6pm PDT/ 9pm EDT for a uniquely themed Gamma Breath Training that will support you in building more and more of the positives in your life.
We will begin exactly on the hour, so be sure to join 3-5 minutes early. To join, click the following button to go to the Zoom session: